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WRG Engineering P. C’s Long-lasting Sponsorship Deal with Softball League: Quisqueyanos Unidos

April 26th, 2024 at 11:20am, by: WRG ENGINEERING P.C

WRG Engineering P.C has made a commitment to the development of their community and sportsmanship, they partnered with the Dominican softball league, Quisqueyanos Unidos, showing their dedication to community development and sportsmanship. 

 This collaboration is a significant milestone for both organizations, aiming to boost softball enthusiasm and encourage community involvement and youth empowerment. Quisqueyanos Unidos, established in 1995, has become a symbol of hope and camaraderie in the Dominican Republic’s softball scene, fostering talent and promoting values like teamwork and perseverance. 

WRG Engineering’s decision to sponsor Quisqueyanos Unidos reflects their dedication to supporting organizations that uplift local communities and promote positive social change. By aligning with a league that demonstrates sportsmanship and unity, WRG Engineering P.C seeks to use their resources and expertise to empower the next generation of softball enthusiasts. Through this partnership, WRG Engineering P.C has provided Quisqueyanos Unidos with all sorts of necessary equipment and its own official uniforms while aiming to enhance its team.  

It is also best to keep in mind that WRG Engineering P.C goes beyond financial support. The CEO of WRG Engineering P.C, Mr. Winston R. Garcia, and another WRG ENGINEERING P.C dedicated associate, Mr. Ariel E. Salas are active participants in the league. Both, being part of a wonderful team, have had nothing but praises to say concerning the partnership. While expressing his enthusiasm, Mr. Winston R. Garcia says “Being part of a team like this has been a wonderful experience for me. This is where I have had some of the happiest moments of my life and how I have met some of the closest friends I have. The talent, resilience, and unbreakable spirit of us Dominicans has been routinely celebrated during my time with them.”-Winston R. Garcia

As another season of Quisqueyanos Unidos Softball concludes, the bond between WRG Engineering P.C and the league remains strong, reflecting the enduring power of partnership and shared love for the game. WRG Engineering P. C’s dedication to community engagement leaves a lasting impact on all those touched by their generosity. 


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