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DOB Updates Regulations for Parking Garage Inspections

Rundown of Local Law 126 of 2021:

In 2021, the Local Law 126 of New York City Department of Building was established. Within this law, it was

stated that parking structures were required to be thoroughly examined and surveyed every six years. Owners

of parking garages were to hire a Professional Engineer to assess the condition of their parking structures

through inspections, repairs, and report fillings as a QPSI(Qualified Parking Structure Inspector).

After the Engineer had completed this, they are to record their findings within a compliance report and sort it in

the three categories:

  • Safe

  • SREM(Safe with Repairs and/or Engineering Monitoring)

  • Unsafe

Altercations to Local Law 126:

On October 17th, 2023, the DOB implemented a new policy in which all garages are to undergo an inspection before the first of August this year. Subcycle 1B is set to start January 1st, 2024. Although owners of garages in the upper side of Manhattan

and Brooklyn are exempt from extra inspections if they file a parking garage Compliance Report before August 1st.

Additional initial inspections prior to August are quite likely to leave an exceeding amount of garage owners, those of whom have been anticipating to occur in at least three years, in desperation to meet this deadline.

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