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Deadlines For Inspections And Report Filings

New York City's Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP), also known as Local Law 11, mandates all buildings taller than 6 storeys to be examined every 5 years to detect any dangerous circumstances that might endanger public safety.

The DOB refers to this five-year span as a "cycle". This criterion was implemented in 1980, with the first cycle running from February 21, 1980 to February 20, 1985.

Initially, all buildings were required to complete their examination by the end of the third year of the cycle.

The DOB categorized buildings into one of three subgroups: A, B, or C. Each group has a distinct two-year window within the five-year cycle to finish their examination and submit their report.

We are currently in: Cycle 9 -from 2/21/2020 through 2/20/2025.

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Once completed, Cycle 10 will start on 2/21/2025.



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