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245 East 80th Street New York, NY.

245 East 80th Street is a 12-story residential building located in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. The building was originally constructed in 1985 and contains 70 luxury apartments, as well as commercial space on the ground floor.


In 2018, WRG Engineering was hired to perform a comprehensive structural assessment of the building's exterior façade, which had suffered from deterioration and needed restoration. WRG also designed a vertical extension of four additional stories on top of the existing 12-story building. This required a detailed analysis of the building's existing structure to ensure it could support the added weight and height.


Additionally, WRG designed several interior renovations to existing high-end apartments within the building, including the installation of a new gym, terraces, and an ADA accessibility lift.

The firm prepared structural calculations for the installation of a tower crane and all necessary shoring to transfer crane loads to the existing ground.


Through their expertise in structural design and analysis, WRG Engineering was able to successfully execute the façade restoration and vertical extension of 245 East 80th Street. The firm's work on this project ensured the building remained safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing for its residents and the surrounding community.

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