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72-50 153rd Street, Queens, NY.

72-50 153rd Street, Queens, NY: Scope of work stabilization of leaning building using deep piles foundation upgrade and concrete foundation enlargements.


72-50 153rd Street is a historic building located in the neighborhood of Queens, New York City. The building was constructed in the mid-20th century and has served as a residential complex for many years.


Recently, the building began to lean, and it was discovered that the existing foundation was insufficient to support the building's weight. WRG Engineering, P.C. was commissioned to perform a scope of work to stabilize the building and ensure that it would remain structurally sound for years to come.


To stabilize the building and ensure its structural integrity, WRG Engineering, P.C.

designed and implemented a solution that involved installing deep piles foundation upgrades and enlarging the concrete foundation. This involved utilizing innovative engineering techniques and cutting-edge technology to develop a design that met all necessary structural requirements. The team worked closely with the building's management and residents to minimize disruption to daily operations during the installation process. By implementing this solution, the building's foundation was reinforced with additional support and stability, ensuring its long-term structural stability.


The team worked closely with the building's management and residents to ensure that the project was completed with minimal impact on daily operations. The deep piles foundation upgrades were installed with precision to ensure maximum strength and durability, and the concrete foundation enlargements were constructed with high-quality materials to ensure the building's structural integrity.


With the completion of this project, 72-50 153rd Street now has a stable and secure foundation that meets all structural requirements and will provide years of reliable service.

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