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29 West 17 th Street, New York, NY.

29 West 17th Street is a narrow building located in the heart of New York City. The building posed a unique structural challenge due to its narrow footprint, which presented limitations for the installation of a water tank steel frame on the 10th-floor rooftop.


To address this challenge, WRG Engineering, P.C. was commissioned to perform a scope of work to strengthen the water tank steel frame. The scope of work included a thorough analysis of the building's existing structural systems and the design of a solution that would enhance the steel frame's strength and durability.


WRG Engineering, P.C. utilized innovative engineering techniques and state-of-the-art technology to develop a solution that would be effective and efficient. The team's expertise in structural engineering enabled them to 

address the structural challenge posed by the narrow building footprint, and to develop a custom solution that met the client's needs. Through careful planning and execution, WRG Engineering, P.C. was able to complete the project on time and within budget, providing the client with a strengthened water tank steel frame that met all structural requirements.

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