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(NYCBC) Section 27-140 expects that professional engineer or specialist initiate and submit plans with the Building Department when development work is recommended that isn’t viewed as customary fixes. There are fundamentally two kinds of filings of plans for refurbishment referred to just as Type 1 and a Type 2. A Type 1 is for development where an adjustment of purpose, occupancy or enlargement is proposed alongside the development work. A Type 2 application is petitioned for development work that doesn’t influence the utilization departure or inhabitance. Each type is checked on by the NYCDOB in an alternate way.
A Type 1 application can include a renovation which brings about an adjustment of inhabitance, room count, staying unit count or development and Type 2 application is generally done as a “Mandate 14”. A Directive 14 is a Building Department update that was given by the Building Department in 1975 to permit the draftsman or designer to get a sense of ownership with code consistence of the plans. In this manner just a careless survey of the plans is finished by the Building Department.
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