At WRG Engineering, P. C. we are continuously learning and growing.

We provide unique approaches in the development of intricate engineering solutions in order to provide continuity with our clients.

WRG Engineering is a consulting structural engineering firm located in midtown Manhattan. Our organization was founded by Winston R. Garcia, PE and since the beginning has been working with many property owners, property managers, developers and architects in the United States. WRG Engineering, P. C. was created as a professional corporation chartered in New York City.

Our team of professional engineers will prepare the structural design for various projects, including residential, commercial, hospital, educational, industrial, and special buildings. Communication and responsiveness are some of the values by which our firm operates
The company is privately owned by the founder Winston R. Garcia, who holds engineer licenses in many states of the nation (United States). Mr. Garcia has over twenty-five years of experience in the engineering and construction fields.

Winston R. Garcia,

Mr. Garcia has over 25 years of experience in working in the private and public sectors. Mr. Garcia. is a Qualified Façade Wall Inspector and also a Qualified Retaining Wall Inspector, both recognitions are granted by New York City Department of Buildings.

Winston R. Garcia, P.E., is the founder and president of WRG Engineering, P. C. As WRG’s Senior Executive since founding the
firm in 2013, he is responsible for its management and direction, overseeing all of the company’s operations, including project management, technical services, finances, staffing, and business development.

He oversees and coordinate a wide variety of structural design projects within our organization, and he has performed structural analysis and design of various buildings and building’s components at WRG. In addition, he is the Director of our Special Inspections Agency with ICC Certifications as a Structural Welding and Bolting Inspector. As a rigger, Mr. Garcia has designed Special Rigging Systems for various projects in NYC. In addition, Mr. Garcia has participated as an Expert Witness and Testimony for the NYC Court System for cases related to structural failure and safety.
Because of his expertise in the design, analysis, construction, and repairs of buildings, he served as experts in arbitrations involving liabilities in structural failures and safety. Mr. Garcia received his bachelor’s in civil engineering from the PUCMM (Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra in Santiago, Dominican Republic) and a Master in Civil Engineering with specialization in Structural and Construction from the NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology).
We seek to add value through innovation and creativity, aligning ourselves with our clients’ goals, delivering services that meet their quality, schedules and cost objectives.


WRG Engineering maintains comprehensive, Windows based analysis tools for design. WRG Engineering maintains an Internet website complete with file transfer and e-mail capabilities.


WRG Engineering is currently licensed in New York, Tennessee, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, Georgia & New Jersey. Also, we are in the process of validating our registration in Delaware & TX, and others throughout the United States. Please contact us for more information.

WRG Engineering, P. C. Vision and Mission

We seek to add value through innovation and creativity, aligning ourselves with our clients’ goals, delivering services that meet their quality, schedules and cost objectives.
Our mission is to provide top quality professional engineering service for construction and related activities to a balanced mix of public and private clients. We are committed to high standards of client service, staff development, ethical practice and reasonable profit.
Our clients will seek us out for our reputation as a truly integrated engineering firm whose ability to collaborate extends beyond our own walls to embrace our clients, the entire project team and the surrounding community.
We will be recognized for our design excellence, systems integration and commitment to sustainability. Our designs will advance the concept of the unity of people, materials and environment which function as a greater whole.
WRG Engineering utilizes modern technology at all phases of a project. All work is carried out using CAD software and Structural Design and Analysis software, including preliminary design and presentation work. It is more cost effective, quicker and more accurate than traditional methods. We also use specialty design software as well as internet transfer of information between ourselves, other consultants and our clients.